Each faction squad (15/20 players) will need 2 medics.
The medic can heal players twice by tearing off an injured control strip from the medic card before the players have to go to the HQ to get a new medic card.

Only the medic or the doctor of the hospital can remove a control strip from the medic card, if there is no control strip present, you must return to HQ.

How to get back into the game after being hit:
Get healed by a medic, get first aid by bandage and tape, and tearing off a control strip at the location where you were shot, or get pulled from the line of fire by two of your teammates so the medic can heal you safely.

If there is no medic around when you get hit, you have to go to the hospital.
If you need treatment in hospital, this will cost you play money (€ 100.00) and a control strip of your medic card.
The instructions of the medical staff must be followed at all times.


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