What happened in 2021?

It’s no longer a big question what happened in 2021. But what exactly was it? If you’ve been there you know what happened!

Metz 19-10-2021 Report of our journalist Mr. Press. During the conflicts between the Rebels and NATO, the CIA/SOG has been investigating suspicious persons. The CIA does not want to say who these were and why an investigation into this has taken place. In fact, the CIA denied the presence of any CIA or any SOG team. It is suspected that this was a special mission commissioned by the UPB [Universal Peace Builders]. However, we have found out from reliable sources that Mister Bommenof was not the person we thought he was and his true identity is still unknown except that he has a NoordLandisch nationality and he was present in the area for research, what kind of research is still unknown.



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