These are the rules of engagement for the event, please provide these to all of your team members.
· You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or threats of attack.
· Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to stop a hostage act.
· When attacked by unarmed hostile forces you should use the minimum force necessary under the circumstances and proportional to the threat.
· Detention of civilians is authorized for security reasons or in self-defence.
· Treat all persons with respect.
· Use minimal force to carry out the mission.
· Always be prepared to act in self-defence.

Please follow these rules… all players will be checked during the game.

· This is a Tactical simulation game that will continue for more than 36 hours straight.
· We will use these rules of engagement throughout the whole gameplay.
· Special medic rules are in play.
· Demolition-specialists are in play.
· Midcaps/lowcaps only (7 max) reload only in ammunition depot at basecamp.
· Max. 2 drum/box mags for support weapon.
· Bio bb’s only.
· Single shot only.
· Support full auto.
· Only support weapons are allowed to carry drum magazines (m4 is no support).
· Dmr only with 2 sec delays.
· Night vision allowed.
· Tracers only BIO allowed.
· 36+ hours continues game (eating, sleeping in-game).
· Proper working coms for all your team members.
· Team medic with a basic medical kit.
· For all the team leaders one extra porto for contact to HQ, provided bij OBD Events.
· All communications with team leaders/HQ is in English.
· BB Grenades and LIGHT/SOUND grenades.
· Smoke grenades will be provid by ORGA if needed.
· NO pyro technic or Blanc grenades allowed !!!
· Boobytraps, tripwires and other necessities to guard HQ that are allowed will be distributed by O.B.D. Events.
· Drones, or any form of technology may only be used for photo or film recording. They may never be used for any in-game communication.
· The Ares Alpha app will be in play.
· For selected users Discord will be in play.

List of personal gear:


· mouth mask, shemagh scarf or balaclava.
· safety glasses
· Glowsticks
· Correct clothes (faction)
· Fluor vest
· Working coms
· replicas
· 7 midcaps
· Bio bb’s max 0,40gr
· Map of the terrain
· flashlight
· Sleeping gear
· Tent/poncho p.p. (NO place for big tents, max 2pers.)
· Water for 3 days
· Paper and pencil (for squad leader)
· Bandage and tape for every player


· Helmet
· Gloves
· Ear protection
· Face protection
· gasmask
· Ty-rips/ cutting pliers
· Dummy knife
· Writing materials
· Compass/GPS
· Lighter
· Extra full batteries
· Powerbank
· Folding spade (one per group)
· Anti-mosquito spray


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