What happened in 2020?

After Gen. El Suwasi was located near the Dutch town of Landgraaf

Local police started a search for the general.

Eventually, he was caught and brought to the local jail where he was questioned by the head of local police and executed without trial a few hours later.

He never gave up any information about the chemicals or the leader of the AQB splinter cell.

The splinter cell and their leader disappeared from their hiding place in the Netherlands.

Last week there appeared a video on the dark web from his nephew (Sahid A.) where the nephew swore to get revenge on the chief of police and all NATO forces because he thinks that they are responsible for the death of General El Suwasi.

Also, the bombmaker is still at large and creating terror throughout Europe with funding from the AQB.

Last known sightings say he has been seen in France near the town of Metz.

NATO believes that if they can locate the bombmaker they will also find the splinter cell and Sahid A.



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